Your Time Is Now

10 weeks to a
Better Business

The truth is that business failure rates within the first, third, and fifth-year Remain astronomically high.

A lack of capital doesn’t merely cause this failure. Many business owners, particularly solopreneurs and those offering professional services, suffer from a deficiency of knowledge and lack a support system to create an environment for them to thrive.

One of the not-so-secret secrets about major corporations is that they realize professionals hire other professionals when they need help or, more importantly, want to move faster and limit the possibility for mistakes.

Our 10-Week Program equips coaches, consultants, trainers, and other professional services businesses with complete sales, branding, and operational structure to stack the deck in their favor to successfully start or reboot their business.

How We Do It

Weekly Live Coaching

Meet with Cory weekly via Zoom Video as he works side-by-side with you to bring your business to life.

Interactive Training

Access our best-in-class interactive virtual training system to gain clarity, define your services, pricing model, and pitch. 

Done For You Services

Our team is now your team! You will get a website, social media package, back-office set-up and more so you are ready to make sales.

We Launch Service Based Brands


Alesia Johnson

Cory Mosley and his team have helped elevate Kids Video Connection’s brand. Cory has a wealth of knowledge in marketing. He helped me focus, so I can communicate our company’s mission with more clarity. Now our brand is clearer and more concise. They designed a new website for KVC that helps to communicate our vision, and I look forward to continuing work with Cory and his team in 2021.

Frank Crawley

I am so glad I stumbled upon Mosley Strategy Group and Cory Mosley some time ago. They are a solid company that not only stands behind it’s promises, they deliver!

Shannon Loy

Cory is a visionary leader in the world of entrepreneurship and business coaching. He has helped to guide me through launching an online presence and offered me many incredible insights to better myself as an entrepreneur. I would highly recommend him and any of his programs. 

Todd Smith

If you are looking for a high energy individual that will put you on the road to success then Cory Mosley is your man.

Durran Cage

After one conversation with Cory I knew I needed an expert to grow my business. Not only did we grow my business, but we have managed to increase revenue and profit every year. Cory has helped me accomplish something I couldn’t have done on my own, which is to have a strategic plan that aligns with my goals and ambitions, without grinding 20 hours out of the day to accomplish them. I strongly recommend Cory for anyone getting started as a business owner or anyone that’s trying to take their business to the next level. Thank you, Cory!

Brandon Giordano

Cory and his team was instrumental to the launch of our Support Guards B2C business model. Cory’s work is directly responsible for our ability to close our first major contract with a little company you may have heard of, AAA.

Mike Parson

Cory knows the consulting business inside and out. Combine that knowledge with his integrity, engaging training techniques, marketing savvy, and proven sales strategies, and you have one business powerhouse. You owe it to yourself to have a conversation with Cory Mosley.

Paul Potratz

Cory has been able to help me tremendously with my brand and pricing strategy. I realized I was offering some of my services for less than I should. He definitely provides support for service based brands, even one that is complicated and not mainstream like mine.

Alexander Ferguson

Cory took us from no brand, no online presence, no sales strategy, and no sales to fully branded with a profitability price in just 10 weeks. Shortly afterward I started steadily making sales. I would highly recommend you join any program Cory is offering if you want someone in your corner committed to helping you succeed.

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